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Platform Overview & Compatibility

Bookmap is an advanced trading platform tailored for day traders and market professionals, offering real-time visualization and analysis of market liquidity and order flow through a distinctive heatmap display. This platform is designed to help users identify market trends, liquidity levels, and potential price movements with features like comprehensive order flow analysis, customizable technical indicators, and direct chart-based trading.

In terms of compatibility, Bookmap is available on both Windows and macOS, accommodating a broad range of desktop users. While there is no native Linux support, Linux users might use compatibility layers or virtual machines to access the platform. This ensures that Bookmap's powerful analytical tools are accessible across the most widely used operating systems.


Bookmap Trading Platform

The core functionality of Bookmap revolves around its ability to visualize real-time trading activity and historical market data through a colored heatmap. This heatmap displays price levels with varying degrees of color intensity based on the volume of orders, giving traders a vivid picture of where and how orders are accumulating, being canceled, or executed. This detailed view helps traders pinpoint entry and exit points, anticipate market moves based on visible liquidity, and manage risk with more precision.

Additionally, Bookmap supports various plugins and features that enhance its capabilities, such as volume imbalance indicators, large lot trackers, and iceberg order detection, making it a comprehensive tool for those looking to gain a competitive edge in fast-moving markets.

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Bookmap's Depth & Sales offers a comprehensive view into the Depth of Market (DOM), a crucial tool for day traders and an essential component in their decision-making process. The Depth & Sales interface in Bookmap enables traders to understand the dynamic interactions between passive traders using limit orders and active traders executing market orders, providing valuable insights into market sentiment and order flow.

Key Features of Bookmap's Depth & Sales include:

  • Visualization of the impact of trades hitting the market.

  • Identification of price levels where traders are most likely to get stuck.

  • Insights into the likely positions of stop orders and where traders are clustered.

  • Tracking of traders canceling (pulling) or modifying orders to react to market movements.

  • Observation of iceberg orders and traders attempting to manipulate the market through strategic order placements.

  • Analysis of market momentum and order flow balance.

  • Customizable alert settings for market conditions.

  • Seamless integration with other Bookmap tools and services for enhanced trading decisions.

  • Detailed visualization of order queue positions.

  • Real-time tracking of trade profits and losses directly within the DOM.

Bookmap's DOM is equipped with advanced features like one-click trading, automated exit strategies, customizable order types, and volume-based stop adjustments. This tool is designed to provide traders with the tactical edge necessary in fast-moving markets, complementing their trading strategies with deep market insights.

Heatmap Visualization

Bookmap's Heatmap Visualization provides traders with an in-depth view of market liquidity and order flow. Key features include a color-coded order book heatmap, historical depth visualization, market orders and trade representation, volume dots, and imbalance indicators. These customizable tools offer enhanced market transparency, informed decision-making, and real-time analysis. By highlighting support and resistance levels and detecting market patterns, Bookmap’s heatmap helps traders identify hidden liquidity and anticipate market moves effectively.

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